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Quality Apples for Bakeries

Musselman’s Sliced and Diced Apples are made year-round from 100% American grown apples for delicious flavor, top-quality color, and uniform size. Get Inspired by our Sliced & Diced apple recipes here.

Quality Apples make quality baked goods

Musselman’s® 100% American grown sliced and diced apples are guaranteed to enhance any recipe with fresh orchard taste, a quality appearance, and consistency all year long.

A Variety of Apples for any need

A Variety of Apples for any need

  • Sliced Apples in water/ syrup
  • Diced Apples in water
  • Chipped Apples in water
  • Unpeeled Apple Slices in syrup
  • York Imperial Slices in water/ syrup
Shelf stable, No prep, No waste

Shelf stable, No prep, No waste

Save valuable time and labor with apples that are sliced, pre-cooked and shelf stable. Bake, fry, or cook with no fruit shrinkage or excess weeping.

Better baking with real fruit filling

Better baking with real fruit filling

Lucky Leaf's Fruit Fillings is available all year long to add bright color and fresh flavor to baked goods. Save time and labor while reducing waste vs. fresh fruit. From 21 oz and 116 oz cans to 19 lb pails, there is a size for your needs. Clean label, organic, no sugar added, and glazes available.

Musselman’s Apple Butter

Musselman’s Apple Butter

A 100-yr-old Amish recipe is made from 100% American Apples, cane sugar and spices. No HFCS, No dairy, 0g fat, and Vegan. Try in spice cake, muffins, or cinnamon rolls for flavor and moisture retention. An ideal fat replacer that costs less than oil.

100% American grown apples.

Since the beginning, we've been dedicated to bringing you the highest-quality foods made with honesty and integrity. We make quality a priority, from harvest to storage.

Real Fruit, Real Ingredients.

Our clean-label products are picked at the peak of freshness and are always made with the simple ingredients your guests understand and trust.

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