Proud to Be Grower-Owned

Knouse Foods is a grower-owned fruit cooperative with over 100 family farms throughout the Appalachian Valley, bringing quality fruit products to consumers across the country.

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What Makes Knouse Foods Special?

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70 Years of Farming Experience

Many of our growers are fourth and fifth generation farming families. It’s in their nature to put care into each apple picked, each cherry tree grown, and each peach crate filled.

Industry Leader

Knouse Foods is one of the Largest Apple Processors in the U.S. With over 15,000 acres of fruit orchards, and 2 national brands, we bring products to store shelves and restaurants across the country.

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Growing Through Quality

From the delivery of fresh fruit by quality-oriented growers to the processing at our SQF-certified plants, quality is built into every step of our process.

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State-of-the-art Apple Storage

Apples breathe oxygen even after they are harvested. Our storage facility controls CO2 and O2, putting the apples “to sleep” for up to a year, while retaining their crisp, just picked flavor.

The Knouse Foods Brands

Quality Apple Sauce, Apple Slices, Apple Butter, and Apple Juice, are made from only American grown apples. Watch how apple sauce goes from tree to table.

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Ready-to-serve Fruit Filling, Pudding, and Cheese Sauce, are made with the finest fruit and dairy ingredients. Watch how cherry fruit filling goes from tree to table.

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Our Environmental Responsibility

Planning for Our Future

Sustainability is not something new to us—it’s why we are still here today. Knouse Foods and our farming families have served as stewards of the environment, ensuring that clean water and soil help the orchards grow for future generations.

Recognition Awards

We proudly received the 2021 Environmental Stewardship Award from the PA Congress. Our 4 manufacturing plants in Adams County, PA, were honored with the “GREEN Business Recognition” award for our efforts in water & energy conservation.

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Energy Initiatives

Over 14,000 solar panels cover 19 acres and deliver 31% of the power to our Peach Glen plant. Five of our production plants use boilers modified to run on recycled motor oil—as much as the equivalent of 2.4 million car oil changes each year.

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Water Initiatives

A new wastewater treatment facility at the Peach Glen plant processes 45 million gallons of water per year and returns it to the local water table. 160 million gallons of water from 6 processing plants irrigate nearby fields and re-enters the local watershed annually.

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Planting and Soil Initiatives

To protect our local natural environments, we have constructed wetland areas and grassy waterways. Innovative orchard planting practices like trellising reduce their environmental footprint while increasing yield per acre.

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Production Initiatives

We recycle 94% of our solid waste. 6 million pounds a year of our fruit waste is used as compost and cattle feed to eliminate land filling. All cardboard in our packaging is 30%, consumer-recycled board.

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Careers & Job Openings

Come Grow with Us!

We are looking for talented people in a wide variety of careers.

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Knouse Foods Corporate

Connect with our Corporate headquarters and learn more about our Co-operative of fruit growers.

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