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Family is the core of Our Business

Knouse Foods is an established growers’ co-op with more than 70 years of partnership that grows ever stronger. Our brands feature the quality products of 150 “family” members whose orchards are nestled along the Appalachian Mountains and throughout the rich, rolling meadows of the Midwest.

Just like you, food is our business. By controlling the entire production process from farm to table, we offer you and your patrons a bounty of fruit products that meet the highest standards for taste, quality and consistency. You’ll find these distinctive characteristics in every Musselman’s or Lucky Leaf branded products you select.

From our family to your family

For years, we have brought you the finest fruit products with the thought, "From our family to your family!" But what exactly is our family?

Quite simply, Knouse Foods is a family of 1,500 men and women working together to provide the highest quality fruit products for our customers, opportunities for our employees, and services to our community.

At the heart of our family is a partnership with the growers who own our company. This cooperative includes fruit growers along the Appalachian Mountains and throughout the Midwest. Together, we have worked to bring you fruit products that meet the highest standard of all: "We would proudly serve these products to our own family, as well as yours."

If we can't say that, it doesn't earn the Knouse Foods name. You see, we're as committed to preserving our unbroken history of excellence as we are to protecting the American dream by allowing the family farm to prosper.

That should give you a lot of confidence as you sit down with your family. If you are serving your loved ones Knouse fruit products from Musselman's, Lucky Leaf, Apple Time, Lincoln or Speas Farm brands, you are serving them the very best.

From our family to your family: Enjoy!

Ken Guise


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