Unsweetened Apple Sauce with Apple Juice- 104 oz.

Now you can offer your customers the pure fruit freshness of our apple sauce in an easy, convenient size and with fewer calories and less sugar than other apple sauces. Unsweetened Apple Sauce with Apple Juice added.


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  • Musselman's Apple Sauce is made from 100% American grown apples. Learn More
  • Apple sauce is a nutritious and delicious snack.
  • Available in single-serve cups and pouches that are individually packaged and sealed, as well as multi-serving jars and cans that are designed for back-of-house efficiency.


Knouse Product Code:


GTIN Case#


Pack Size:

6/ 104 oz.


Apples, water, and apple juice. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) added to maintain color.

Nutrition Facts

Unsweetened Apple Sauce with Apple Juice- 104 oz. - Nutrional Panel Image

100% American grown apples.

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