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Cookie Pizzas

Cookie Pizzas

Cookie dough is rolled out into a small, individual pizza-size shapes, spread with Vanilla, Chocolate or Butterscotch Pudding and a large swath of Peach or Cherry Pizza Fruit Topping as well as a finishing sprinkle of coconut, chopped nuts and/o chocolate chips and baked until cooked completely. Served warm or at room temperature.

Cookie Pizzas


Servings: 24

1 1/2 lb. unsalted butter
6 cups all-purpose flour
3/4 cup fine granulated sugar
1 1/2 tsp. salt
3/4 + cup ice water

Confectioner’s sugar as needed
1 1/2 qt. Lucky Leaf® Vanilla Pudding*
3 cups Lucky Leaf® Cherry or Lucky Leaf® Peach Pizza Topping*
1 1/2 cups shaved unsweetened coconut


  1. Pre-heat oven 375°F. convection.
  2. In a processor combine butter, flour, sugar and salt; pulse to combine or until the butter particles are the size of small peas. Add ice water all at once and process until just starting to form a mass. Turn onto a floured surface and shape dough into 24 equal-sized balls. Flatten each ball slightly. Place on a parchment-lined sheetpan and cover. Refrigerate at least 4 hours before using. (Dough may be made ahead of time and refrigerated or frozen until ready to use.)
  3. Lay parchment onto a work surface and sprinkle liberally with confectioner’s sugar. Roll dough into a free-form circle 5-6-inch round. Slide dough onto a parchment-covered sheetpans, approximately 8 per pan.
  4. For Each Pizza-Cookie: Spread 1/4 cup Pudding evenly over top of pizza-cookie. Spread 2 Tbsp. Pizza Fruit Topping evenly over pudding layer. Sprinkle with coconut.
  5. Bake tart 10-12 minutes or until dough is golden brown around edge. Cool tart and sprinkle with confectioner’s sugar. Serve warm with vanilla ice cream or Crème Anglaise.

    *Option: Try substituting Lucky Leaf Chocolate Pudding for Vanilla Pudding and use desired Fruit Pizza topping and top with mini chocolate chips instead of coconut.

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