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Superior Quality

From the beginning in 1949, Milton E. Knouse had a clear understanding of the business that still bears his name:

"First of all, we believe that all future success—all future growth of Knouse Foods—depends upon our ever-increasing output of highest quality foods. This is the fundamental principle around which revolve all other basic factors in the prosperity of the company and its members."

Those words, taken from the first published statement of the company's objectives, reveal how quality came to be built into every step of our process. From delivery of fresh fruit to our plants by quality-oriented growers, to processing and shipment of finished goods by quality-oriented employees, to the faithful customers who have come to expect quality products.

Yes, quality fruit, processing and inspection is present in every container of product packed by Knouse Foods. That's because every container of product is important, as is every customer who enjoys our products and looks for the Musselman's, Lucky Leaf, Apple Time and Speas Farm logos of quality on their store shelves.

Controlled Atmosphere Storage

Apples are living, breathing objects, even after they are harvested.

This means they need to take in oxygen to survive. But here's where it gets tricky: As an apple's oxygen level increases, so does its respiration and metabolism rates. This, unfortunately, shortens the apple's storage life.

Superior Quality The solution? For Knouse Foods it was the construction of a state-of-the-art, 80,000 square foot storage facility in Peach Glen, PA. It contains 18 Controlled Atmosphere (CA) rooms, which enable us to regulate temperature and humidity, as well as oxygen and carbon dioxide content.

In these CA rooms, we are able "put apples to sleep" under conditions that allow them to retain the crisp, juicy, flavorful attributes of apples for up to a year after they have been harvested. When we take them out of storage to make apple sauce, apple juice and other unrivaled apple products, it's as if they've just been plucked from the branch!

Each of the CA rooms are 2,746 square feet and can hold 31 tractor loads of apples per room, allowing for total CA storage of 558,000 bushels.

The bottom line? Knouse has an incredible capacity for preserving the best qualities of the world's most delicious apples. Of course, you probably already suspected that.