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Apple Butter

Apple butter in your kitchen is a versatile ingredient that you can use in a wide variety of recipes across multiple dayparts and menu parts. Apple butter has a rich, deep brown color and velvety consistency that results from its unique long, slow cooking process. In fact, the distinctive flavor and smooth texture mean it offers the best blend-ability in your signature dishes. 


from the Apple Experts

As the manufacturer of great foodservice-ready products, our apple butter will make your dishes shine. Its consistent taste and quality makes it ready for use as an ingredient.

Apples are cooked in big copper kettles until the sugars in the apples caramelize, giving the product its signature consistency.

The caramelization during the cooking process creates a taste that's sweet with a cinnamon-spiced apple flavor.

It's made with wholesome ingredients and no dairy, so it's a healthier alternative to use in place of oil, shortening or butter for baking and cooking.

Has a taste that's clearly loved by consumers—it's the #1 selling brand of apple butter in the United States.


the best blend-ability

Find the perfect size and container to meet your operation's specific needs. Musselman's Apple Butter is available in three convenient sizes.

17 oz. Jar

17 oz. Jar

28 oz. Jar

28 oz. Jar

120 oz. Can

120 oz. Can


your menu

From savory marinades and dips to sweet, classic desserts, apple butter is so much more than a spread. Look at some of our favorite ways to incorporate it into menu applications.

Why apple butter

Spread apple butter all over the menu!
Download our PDF to learn why this dairy-free, gluten-free ingredient is perfect for your menu.

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