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New Apple Butter Fusions

Apple butter is more than a spread. It's a delicious and versatile ingredient you can use in a wide variety of recipes across dayparts and menuparts. And when it’s combined with popular patron-pleasing ingredients, it gets even better. Apple Butter Fusions give you an easy way to add delicious, on-trend flavors to all kinds of dishes. Use them as ingredients, spreads, dips, marinades and more to take any recipe from everyday to amazing.

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watch and learn

Apple Butter Fusions are the key to adding on-trend flavor to your menu. These are just a few examples of how professional chefs are using them to turn simple into signature.

Fuse your menu with quality ingredients

Our Apple Butter Fusions are not only delicious and versatile but also have the nutritional claims diners are seeking.

Clean Label Means

No Artificial Colors or Flavors

No Artificial Antimicrobial Preservatives

No High-Fructose Corn Syrup


from the #1 selling apple butter brand

Drive sales with patron-pleasing flavors.

Habanero: 21% Growth on Menus
Dijon Mustard: 12% on Sandwiches
Asian: Flavor up 31%
Sriracha: 8% more Consumption
Horseradish is Trending
Salted Caramel: #1 Dessert Topping

Source: Foodable Research Lab, 2018


unique flavors

Apple Butter Fusions help you bring unique flavors—from sweet to savory—to any menu with ease.


your menu

See why Apple Butter Fusions are the perfect ingredient in all kinds of delicious, traffic-driving dishes across a variety of dayparts and menuparts.

Why apple butter

Spread apple butter all over the menu!
Download our PDF to learn why this dairy-free, gluten-free ingredient is perfect for your menu.

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Fusions sell sheet

Learn more and inspire your menu with our printable brochure and sell sheet featuring the NEW Apple Butter Fusions line of 6 unique and trendy flavor combinations.

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