Musselman's® and Lucky Leaf® Specialty Products

Especially Versatile Specialty Products

From Whole Baked Apples to Cherries Jubilee, you can add fruit to the menu in any daypart with our wide variety of specialty products. With quality ingredients, back-of-house ease and menu versatility, they present a profitable opportunity for any operation.


Key benefits of our specialty products:

Made with prime apples
Ready to use directly
Quality maintained
Certified kosher

Explore all of our specialty products:

Menu Inspiration

Use our specialty products all over the menu with these recipe tips and ideas:

  • Try Deluxe Chipped Apples or Diced Apples in breakfast muffins
  • Create an irresistible Black Forest cake with Cherries Jubilee
  • For a lower-cost fruit alternative, use Apple Salad Slices in fruit salads and on buffets
  • Unpeeled Sliced Apples make a delicious side or garnish for pork dishes
  • Apple Cider is a fall favorite perfect for floats, hard ciders, pancake syrup, glazes and smoothies
  • Try a variety of our specialty products as toppings for cottage cheese, ice cream sundaes and pancakes