Musselman's® Multi-Serve Apple Sauce

Make the Most of Apple Sauce

If you view apple sauce as just a side, it's time to start looking at it differently. Make apple sauce work for you as a nutritious recipe ingredient or as an alternative to butter and oil. Adding apple sauce to dishes delivers natural sweetness and can help to reduce fat.

Chefs and operators can create an endless variety of healthy and delicious menu offerings that are on-trend and profitable and whether you choose plastic jars or cans, you'll achieve more back-of-house efficiency.

Formats Ideal for Foodservice


Menu Inspiration

Soups—Use apple sauce as an extender and taste booster

Creamy Dips & Dressings—Instead of mayonnaise or sour cream, use a measured amount of apple sauce

Vinaigrette Dressings—Substitute oil with apple sauce that has been finely blended/processed

Stuffings—Enhance nutrition by adding apple sauce instead of fat, oil or butter

Hot & BBQ Sauces—Apple sauce serves as a good thickener and flavor booster

See apple menu ideas in action in this video.