Commitment to the Planet

Since its founding, Knouse has recognized the importance of "Environmental Stewardship" and is committed to preserving natural resources now and for future generations. 


Philosophy based on the Five Rs – Recycle, Repair, Reuse, Reduce, Rethink


RecycleWe recycle 94% of our solid waste.

Our manufacturing plants burn recycled motor oil.

Employing energy conservation efforts like powering electricity with turbines and solar power. Additionally, Knouse owns and operates 14,000 solar panels at their Peach Glen plant which generates over 4,000,000 kwh of electricity annually.

Single-serve apple sauce packaging has been improved by design and material volume, eliminating access material for a packaging reduction.

Our growers are involved in Federal soil conservation programs.


Reducing Waste

Unused fruit components are beneficially used instead of discarded: 

  • Partner with Penn State University in developing cattle feed that utilizes apple waste
  • Involved in regional effort to develop bio-fuels that utilize apple waste
  • Involved in regional initiative to utilize cherry pits as a furnace fuel component
  • Peel and core material generated from production is sent to cider mills for juice processing, and fruit waste is used as compost to eliminate land filling

  Our Awards   

Waste Reduction & Recycling Awards: 

PA DEP Commercial Recycling Award

WV DEP Environmental Stewardship Award

PA Governor’s Waste Minimization Award

PA Governor’s Certificate of Merit


Local Community Awards: 

Adams County (PA) Environmental Stewardship Award


Water Conservation Awards: 

PA House of Representatives Citation


Wildlife Preservation Awards: 

PA Fish Commission Award for Conewago Creek Project

PA Fish Commission's "Take Pride in PA" Certificate of Merit