July 06, 2016

Musselman’s® Single-Serve Apple Sauce Line Continues to Expand Based on Growing Demand for More Healthy Kids’ Menu Options

Mixed Berry Newest 4.5 oz. Cup Flavor 


Musselman’s® Apple Sauce is a go-to foodservice pick as the demand for better-for-you children’s food options increases. The National Restaurant Association’s 2016 What’s Hot Culinary Forecast cited healthful kids’ meals as a top trend.1 Knouse Foods’ proprietary research of 300+ foodservice operators further found that 77% strongly agree apple sauce is ideal for kids and 81% strongly agree it is a great menu option overall.2 


To support non-commercial and commercial food away from home operations, Knouse is adding a new, on-trend flavor to its 4.5 oz. apple sauce line: Mixed Berry. Made from fresh-picked apples for peak flavor and strawberry, red raspberry and blueberry puree, the new Mixed Berry is sodium free, with no artificial flavors, added sugars or high-fructose corn syrup. Plus, the 4.5 oz. portion meets the USDA guidelines for a full serving of fruit—perfect for giving kids the nutrients they need without excess calories.


Musselman’s robust portfolio of single-serve apple sauce offerings also includes the differentiated 2 oz. and 6 oz. sizes, as well as the Squeezables apple sauce pouches and 4 oz. cups. All varieties of Musselman’s Single-Serve Apple Sauce are fat free and gluten free, shelf stable and require no prep work. Some of the best-sellers in the single-serve apple sauce line include:


Pouch: Unsweetened, Honey Cinnamon, Strawberry
Designed with kids in mind, Squeezables offers delicious and healthful apple sauce in the popular pouch packaging, creating a convenient and portable option. Three NEW! unique sour flavors coming soon…


2 oz.: Unsweetened (Natural)
Perfect for daycare/after-school care because of the smaller portion.


4 oz.: Unsweetened (Natural), Original, Chunky Home-Style, Cinnamon
Proven to satisfy as either a snack or healthier side dish for any meal.


4.5 oz.: NEW! Mixed Berry, Unsweetened (Natural), Cherry, Cinnamon, Strawberry, Peach
Ideal for the K-12 segment as it meets the USDA meal guidelines for a full serving of fruit.


6 oz.: Unsweetened (Natural), Original, Cinnamon
Named the BIG CUP, the larger size appeals to growing kids who crave more to eat.


Todd Michael, Director of Sales for Foodservice at Knouse, says, “There is a clear and growing need for more healthy kids’ meal options and it’s impacting all facets of the foodservice industry. Our Musselman’s Single-Serve Apple Sauces are an easy and delicious way to add better-for-you offerings that children of all ages will enjoy eating. The single-serve portions also cut down on food waste and are extremely convenient for operators.”


To learn more, visit Musselman's® Single-Serve Apple Sauce.


1 National Restaurant Association, What’s Hot 2016 Culinary Forecast (2016)
2 Knouse Foods Proprietary Foodservice Research, Datassential Omnibus (2013)