September 18, 2008

Research Shows Consumer Interest In Dessert Remains High, With Apple Sales Rising In Foodservice As People Seek Comfort Food

laura apples Peach Glen, PA - As a leading foodservice provider of Musselman's and Lucky Leaf apple and related fruit products, Knouse Foods is seeing an increased interest in menuing desserts and comfort foods such as apple, cherry, strawberry and blueberry pie. This trend is validated by recent research from Technomic's Dessert Consumer Report, which revealed:


  •  85% eat dessert once a month or more
  •  57% eat dessert "very frequently" or "often" (at least once a week)
  •  0% indicated they "never" eat dessert

Specifically, apple pie appears to be driving increased dessert  revenue opportunities in the foodservice industry. According to Restaurants & Institution's 2007 Menu Census, "understanding what consumers want most at the close of a meal is as simple   as A, B, C" with "A" standing for apple pie. The report notes   non-commercial operators show a much higher incidence of dessert sales, with apple pie ranking in the top 3, and in the commercial
segment apple pie takes the top spot, with more than a quarter of operators menuing the American classic.

A Culinary Institute of America ProChef SmartBrief poll of foodservice chefs, operators and industry influencers further notes that while apple (37%) remains the favorite fruit to include in a tart or pie, they also use mixed fruits (20%), raspberry (18%), strawberry (13%) and blackberry (13%). While cherry was not included in the poll options, Knouse Foods said it's one of their top selling pie fillings and the lead selling flavor in the retail category.

"As consumers increasingly seek out traditional desserts like pies, the fall/winter seasons are clearly an opportunity to capitalize on sales by offering these comfort foods," said Todd Michael, Food Service Sales Manager for Knouse Foods. "Chefs and foodservice operators can be sure that our pie fillings will add versatility to their entire menu, help increase profits and fulfill customers' desire for high-quality ingredients in their time-honored favorites."

Musselman's and Lucky Leaf pie fillings are made from the finest blend of ripened fruit for outstanding natural flavor and fruit appearance. All pie fillings are available year round and processed under highly controlled conditions for premium fruit products that are:

  •  Ready to use – no waste or extensive cleanup
  •  Kosher approved—no artificial colors
  •  Consistent flavor, texture and fruit character

Boost incremental sales during the holidays with these dessert recipes: