December 16, 2014

On-Trend Comfort Foods Made Easier with Musselman’s® Apple Butter

Versatile Product Spices Up Menus for Winter and Beyond 


During this time of year, customers seek more comfort foods when dining out. Musselman’s Apple Butter makes it easy to add more on-trend offerings in any daypart. As America’s #1 selling brand, Musselman’s Apple Butter is gluten free, fat free and cholesterol free—providing great taste with no strings attached.


No longer just a breakfast spread, Musselman’s Apple Butter’s richly spiced sweetness has a wide variety of menu applications:


  • Appetizer:Spiced Apple Butter Meatballs—Meatballs are blended with apple butter, onion and bread crumbs and baked in a rich, creamy allspice-and-honey flavored sauce; it’s a true patron pleaser.
  • Entrée: Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Apple Butter Glaze—Pork tenderloins are basted with a tangy, sweet glaze that keeps the pork moist while caramelizing for added flavor appeal.
  • Dessert: Apple Butter Cheesecake—In this deliciously simple recipe, apple butter is blended into rich, creamy cheesecake.


“Made with wholesome apples and spices, Musselman’s Apple Butter allows for uniquely flavorful meals that remain true to diners’ requests for healthful menu options,” says Todd Michael, Foodservice Sales Director for Knouse Foods. “On trend for the cold months and beyond, dishes made with best-selling Musselman’s Apple Butter are sure to be a customer favorite.”


Musselman’s Apple Butter is made from slow-cooking apples with apple cider, sugar and spices in big copper kettles, which causes the natural sugars to caramelize and create its signature delicious flavor. The result is a velvety consistency, deep brown color and sweet cinnamon-spiced apple flavor. Apple butter is a healthier alternative to use in place of oil, shortening or butter for baking and cooking.


For more recipe ideas, product information and a menu inspiration video, visit www.knousefoodservice.com/applebutter.


About Knouse 

Knouse Foods is an established grower-owned fruit cooperative and food processor for apple and fruit related products. The cooperative includes fruit growers in the Appalachian region of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and the Mid-West. Known for its environmental stewardship, Knouse Foods is committed to ensuring all of its products meet the highest standard for taste, quality and consistency. Product brands include Musselman’s® and Lucky Leaf®. For more information, visit www.knousefoodservice.com.