May 25, 2012

Musselmans Multi-Serve Apple Sauce Increases Back-of-House Efficiencies & Healthier Menu Offerings

Recloseable Plastic Jars with Innovative Non-Slip Grip Help Reduce Spoilage and Increase Precision

apple_jarPeach Glen, PA – Established fruit grower-owned cooperative Knouse Foods helps foodservice professionals increase back-of-house efficiencies and create healthier menu offerings that appeal to both adults and kids with Musselman's® multi-serve apple sauce. Available in recloseable plastic jars and in a variety of flavors and sizes, multi-serve apple sauce is the ideal ingredient for creating a variety of delicious menu options that are lower in fat and calories.

According to a recent ProChef SmartBrief Poll, 60 percent of foodservice professionals have made changes to their restaurant dishes to reduce the total caloric content. Knouse Foods highlights how adding apple sauce to favorite sauces, dressings, desserts and summer smoothies helps deliver a natural sweetness that reduces fat and calories:

  • Vinaigrette Dressings: Substitute oil with apple sauce that has been finely blended/processed
  • Creamy Dips/Dressings: Instead of mayonnaise or sour cream, use a measured amount of apple sauce
  • Hot & BBQ Sauces: Apple sauce serves as a good thickener and flavor booster
  • Smoothies: Apple sauce is ideal for adding depth of flavor and sweetness
  • Desserts: A nutritious and flavorful substitute for high-fat items like oil and butter

In addition to the added culinary value, Musselman's multi-serve apple sauces feature:

  • Innovative shatterproof plastic jars that are safer than cans or glass
  • Recloseable lids that help reduce waste and spoilage and save shelf space
  • Non-slip grip and easy open and pour features increase precision

"Musselman's multi-serve apple sauce is a great solution for chefs and operators who want to reduce calories and fat in their dishes without sacrificing flavor," said Todd Michael, Director of Foodservice Sales for Knouse Foods. "Additionally, the innovative shatterproof plastic containers help increase back-of-house efficiencies and ease of use for all foodservice employees."

For more information and menu ideas, visit: Make the Most of Apple Sauce.