February 27, 2013

Lucky Leaf Fruit Pie Fillings and Cobblers Expand Foodservice Menu Options Beyond Dessert

Knouse Foods Spotlights Healthy Menu Applications That Appeal to Customers' Desire for Nutrition and Flavor 


Peach Glen, PA—Knouse Foods, an established grower-owned fruit cooperative, identifies key health trends that will drive consumer decisions when eating out in 2013. As nutrition continues to remain a priority for diners, Knouse features ways chefs and operators can utilize apple sauce throughout their menus. According to Technomic's Healthy Eating Consumer Trends Report," foods that indicate a serving of fruit" emphasize health on the menu and strongly enhance consumers' taste perceptions.


Perfect in both sweet and savory meals, as a side dish, snack or dessert, apple sauce provides a simple way to add real fruit to the menu, benefitting adults and children. Knouse Foods provides recipes and products to help chefs and operators meet top nutrition trends predicted by National Restaurant Association's What's Hot 2013 Chef Survey:


Fruit/Vegetable Side Items in Kids' Meals: Offering single-serve apple sauce with meals for children is a great way to remain on-trend and support parents' efforts to provide healthy options for their kids. Portion-controlled, ready-to-serve apple sauce cups are packed for freshness and contain the minimum daily requirement of one fruit serving.


Recipe Solutions: Turkey rolls with a Natural Single-Serve Apple Sauce, carrot sticks and juice; peanut butter and jelly sandwich with Cinnamon Single-Serve Apple Sauce and juice; grilled cheese fingers with Original Single-Serve Apple Sauce and milk


Health & Nutrition as a Culinary Theme: Multi-serve apple sauce helps chefs add a wholesome element to all menu parts. A healthy and flavorful substitute to high-fat items like oil and butter, apple sauce can be incorporated into soups, entrées, desserts and beverages.


Recipe Solutions: Appetizer—Apple Salsa; Lunch—Seasonal Vegetable Soup; Dinner— Savory Meatloaf; Dessert—Low-Guilt Carrot Cake; Specialty Beverages—Apple Smoothies 


"As a foodservice partner, it's our priority to stay abreast of industry trends and find opportunities for chefs and operators to create an endless variety of healthy, delicious and profitable meal offerings," said Todd Michael, Food Service Sales Director for Knouse Foods. "Apple sauce is a nutritious ingredient that can be added to all menu parts and support customers' increasing efforts to make healthier decisions when dining out."


In addition to being a nutritious addition to the menu, apple sauce can help chefs and operators boost incremental sales by capturing the growing number of people who want healthier snacking options. According to the NPD Group, more than half of Americans are snacking two or three times a day; offering apple sauce on-the-go with toppings such as granola, nuts or fruit appeals to customers looking for a nourishing quick meal.


Knouse Foods offers a variety of apple sauce flavors and sizes under their Musselman's brand to fit any foodservice operation's needs.