December 06, 2012

Knouse Foods Highlights Dessert Recipes Ideal for Catering

Lucky Leaf and Musselmans Pie Fillings and Pizza Toppings Hold, Travel and Present Well 

Peach Glen, PA- Catering has proven to be a lucrative business venture for chefs and restaurateurs, with sales rising since 2010 and predicted to continue to increase through 2013, according to foodservice research and consulting firm Technomic. As the economy continues to recover, more customers are choosing to cater meals during holidays, special occasions, business meetings and more. Central to these events is dessert. Established fruit grower-owned cooperative Knouse Foods highlights ways foodservice professionals can offer on-trend and profitable dessert options with fruit pie fillings and pizza toppings.

pieReady to use, Lucky Leaf and Musselmans pie fillings and pizza toppings are made from the finest blend of ripened fruit and require no additional preparation, making them essential to chefs and operators as catering services streamline and move toward simpler menus and buffets.

"Perfect for an assortment of holidays and special occasions, Lucky Leaf and Musselmans fruit pie fillings and pizza toppings help chefs and operators create delicious desserts that are convenient and economical," said Todd Michael, Director of Foodservice Sales for Knouse Foods. "Whether available as a menu option or featured on a buffet line, our pie fillings and pizza toppings can be trusted to deliver consistent fruit flavor and character every time."

Easy to prepare, these on-trend recipe ideas hold and present well, adding value to any catered event:

Made for high volume operations, Lucky Leaf and Musselmans pie fillings and pizza toppings are available in #10 cans with a broad variety of flavors to help meet multiple foodservice needs.