December 13, 2010

Knouse Foods Highlights 2011 Foodservice Trends: Pies, Health & Wellness and Mini Portions Top the List

Peach Glen, PA—According to hospitality and foodservice expert Andrew Freeman, sweet and savory pies are predicted to top the list of foodservice trends for 2011. Chefs and operators can emphasize their culinary creativity, enhance menu diversity and reduce waste and labor with Knouse Foods' ready-made Lucky Leaf and Musselman's pie fillings.

Made with the highest quality fruit, pie fillings are available in an assortment of flavors from deluxe apple, blueberry, cherry and lemon to blackberry, apricot, peach, pineapple, raisin, red raspberry and strawberry. Increase versatility on the menu and create a variety of pies, tarts and cobblers for multiple dayparts:

  • Breakfast/Brunch: Maple Sausage, Apple and Sweet Onion Brunch Tart
  • Lunch/Dinner: Savory Chicken and Apple Pot Pie
  • Desserts: Fluffy Cherry Lemon Pie & Easy Blackberry Cobbler

In addition to pies, chefs and operators can expect these key trends to emerge next year. Knouse highlights recipe ideas to help foodservice professionals meet demand and remain on-trend.

Healthy by Association & Transparency: According to Mintel, consumers want to know what they're eating. Sixty-two percent say they plan to eat healthier in the upcoming year, but many complain that healthier foods don't taste as good without the added sugar, sodium and fat. Now that restaurants with 20-plus units will be required to list calorie counts on their menus, chefs are challenged with developing new ways to create dishes that meet new health mandates. Substituting butter, mayonnaise and croutons with applesauce, apple butter and apples helps cut fat and calories for a flavorful and healthful balance. Start with these recipes:

  • Apple, Chicken and Wild Rice Salad
  • Apple and Vegetable Salad
  • Low-Guilt Carrot Cake

Mini Portions: Freeman also predicts that mini will be the buzz word next year. Mini everything from mini portions to mini desserts because it fits into tighter budgets. Menuing dessert flights are a proven way to increase diners' interest to indulge with fewer calories and operators' desire to boost average check orders. Leading recipes from www.knousefoodservice.com include:

  • Chocolate Chip Cherry Bars
  • Apple Crisp Dessert
  • Blueberry Shortbread

"Providing realistic menu applications of forecasted trends is essential to supporting chefs and operators' efforts," said Todd Michael, Director of Food Service Sales for Knouse Foods. "Our products help meet foodservice professionals' desire to be creative and remain practical by increasing versatility and reducing waste and labor."