October 09, 2009

Apples Offer Greater Versatility To Fall/Winter Menus

Knouse Foods' apple-related products enhance flavor, texture and health benefits

Peach Glen, PA - National Apple Month, recognized September-November, marks the arrival of fall, apple harvest season and consumers' increased interest in apple-related products. With heightened demand for seasonal ingredients, foodservice professionals are finding innovative ways to enhance their menus and benefit from these versatile ingredients. Established fruit-grower owned cooperative Knouse Foods, offers an assortment of apple-related products under their Musselman's, Lucky Leaf, Apple Time and Speas Farm brands to help chefs and operators diversify their menu offerings.

According to the National Apple Association, the average U.S. consumer eats a total of 46 pounds of fresh apples and processed apple products in one year. Foodservice professionals can leverage the popularity of this fruit in all meal and day parts, reducing waste and increasing profits.

In addition to the culinary benefits of apples, they also provide a flavorful solution for chefs and operators that want to offer healthier menu choices. Research studies confirm that consuming apples and apple products have been shown to protect against age-related memory loss, promote improved lung function, decrease the risk of heart disease or stroke, and reduce the risk of certain types of cancers.

"No longer considered just a one-use ingredient, apples can play a versatile role on any seasonal menu, creating sweet and savory dishes that offer a healthy alternative to other ingredients," said Todd Michael, Food Service Sales Manager for Knouse Foods. "It's our commitment to uphold the highest quality standards to help chefs provide distinct flavor and consistency when using our products."

Knouse apple products are made from the finest York Imperial, Stayman, Winesap, Golden Delicious, Rome Beauty, Grannie Smith, Red Delicious and Jonathan apples and come ready to use—no waste or extensive cleanup.

This fall/winter, consider these recipes for your menu: